ANCCP’s Visit to the InnovationSPIN and Innovationcampus Lemgo

In recent days, we had the pleasure of welcoming an inspiring group of educational experts from the „Grupo ADF“, part of the „Asociación Nacional de Centros con Certificados de Profesionalidad“ (ANCCP) from Gran Canaria, to the InnovationSPIN and Innovationcampus in Lemgo. This meeting, made possible through the ERASMUS+ program, was a true demonstration of the open European spirit and a shared passion for learning and exchange.

A Place of Creative Endeavor: The InnovationSPIN

The InnovationSPIN, our home for bright minds, is a hub for innovation and collaboration in the region. Here, vocational education, academic teaching, research, and continuing education in craftsmanship work hand in hand to secure the quality of life for all. Located at the heart of the Innovation Campus Lemgo, the InnovationSPIN serves as a central meeting place for research and practice, offering a hands-on approach to knowledge transfer across borders.

Our guests had the opportunity to engage in the interdisciplinary labs and workshops of the InnovationSPIN, gaining insights into the development of innovative educational offerings for future professions (

The Innovationcampus Lemgo: A Hub of Digital Transformation

The Innovationcampus Lemgo is a vibrant ecosystem that unites education, research, and business. Here, various educational institutions, from craftsmanship to vocational colleges and the Technical University, work closely together to enable tailor-made individual educational careers and to foster creative innovations (

Our guests were impressed by the way the campus uncovers and applies new knowledge in areas such as intelligent automation, energy/mobility, and food technology to find solutions for practical problems and thus contribute significantly to regional development ([source](

An Exchange That Opens Doors

The program was marked by an open and lively spirit. Our guests brought fresh perspectives and valuable experiences, which they shared with the local professionals. It was a wonderful example of how ERASMUS+ supports institutions in promoting staff development through learning stays and how important such international cooperations are for vocational education.

Conclusion: A Bridge Between Cultures and Knowledge

This visit was not only an opportunity to showcase our vocational education system but also a platform for intercultural and professional exchange. We are proud to be part of this great network and look forward to fostering such encounters in the future.

We would like to thank all participants and hope that this exchange was as inspiring and enriching for our guests as it was for us.